My name is DJ Blkchina I have been DJing online for over 5 yrs. I am from NYC Hollis and growing up with the MUSIC in that time was so awesome. I love OLD SCHOOL, DISCO & RNB the Smooth groove of the SLOW JAM back then that was the baby making music. You know the RED LIGHT in the basement lol  

Developing a style of the way I Dj took time and practice, I am thankful for my friends that I have meet alone the way. They took me under their wing and show me how to do what I do today.  Coming from WJAM, WPHL and now TGFRADIO has been a blessing in my life.  

TGFRADIO is something that was put together with a lot of LOVE of MUSIC of ALL KIND.  So I am seeing TGFRADIO growing and becoming a strong station very proud to be a part of. As being part of TGFRADIO I am seeing my name get out on the air waves. Thank you for listening and supporting the STATION that is growing. Please LIKE US on Facebook TGFRADIO 106.4 – Stay connected 24/7/365 1 LOVE Family Type your paragraph here.


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The Entertainer The Magnificent Doo Dirty​

​Dj Monty Free

Dj TrueLuv.

​​​DJ Monty Free
Hello my name is Derrick AKA “Monty Free” I am a 44 year old from New Jersey living in North Carolina
Enjoying life to the fullest. My hobbies are meeting people and helping others. I been DJing off and on for serveral year =s . I love my old School Music however I listen to it all.

Hey Hey Hey, It's Me MixMaster Bangz bringing it to you all da way Live from North Crackalac(N.C) I've been Deejaying for about 15 yrs in Real life. I love all types of music.If Ya'll ever in Raleigh NC give me a shout come check us at Club 24 and let me spin ya round n round. I Dj because i Love to have fun and bringin the Funk to you as well.I definately wanna give a shout out to all the teachers and producers in my life. Got to keep it funky enuff. In the meantime in between time Make it Do what it Do and oh yea Time To Get F.U.N.K.

 Hey My Name is Dj TrueLuv A.K.A CrayCray I have been in the djing business for 25 years 
I was introduce to TGF RADIO 
I play all type of music from Dancehall to Rap etc..Music is my life I have a good vibe when I sit back and play my stream and just meditate on the words Primarily, my musical influence came from my father’s old record collection.  I grew up on a lot of funk music, European electronica, weird 80s 90'sApart from my father, I have always been a huge hip-hop fan, and though I’m not primarily a hip-hop DJ, I definitely throw in those nods here and there. Music is my therapy.  It allows me to put my daily stress and cares on the back burner for a bit and decompress.

MixMaster Bangz.

DJ Blkchina

​​Hey world it's me justice ,been doing this a long time and it still continues to be fun jus like the very first time when I put my moma's 45 record on my mickey mouse record player its been on since then. I truly wanna thank everyone that encouraged me to stay with music threw out my life and i'm greatful for all the teachers ,instructors and professors that taught me read ,write and produce music. Big shout out to all the 1970's dj's that I remember letting me stand behind them turntables as a young boy trying to learn. If anybody reading this come to my funeral when my earthly life has departed make damn sure you put  FUNK album in my casket in my hand I Prefer Parliment Funkadelic “free your mind and your ass will follow” and Mothership Connection. Let the church say AMEN.

Tha Entertainer Tha Magnificent Doo Dirty​

Tha Funk, Tha Beat Twister And  Tha Legend. Yes his skills are unlimited on tha 1's and 2's. 5 tiltles and as of 2017 45 yrs of funking tha world. He's also called tha Godfather of tha 1's and 2's.. He's the undergrounds top secret. And what ever you do, dont call him a Dj.